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Model Stove
Model Stove
Model Stove
Salesman's Sample Stove


17.780 cm. H x 15.875 cm. W x 26.670 cm. L Item (Overall)

Salesman's sample / model wood or coal stove. Made of black cast iron. "PET" written in silver on one side. There are silver leaf motives on one side. Top has 4 burners (one lid is missing) and a warmer in back. Set included tea kettle with lid, 2 pans and a pot with 3 feet. A tin chimney is also included although it appears to be a later addition. Note found with artifact--'This stove is at least 75 years old and was given as a gift by Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Peterson to their daughter, Agnes Bertha Peterson about the year 1894 as a toy.' Presented to the Historical Society by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Peterson, Year 1969.

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