Creation Date
1850 – 1880


54.610 cm. H x 57.150 cm. W x 109.220 cm. L Item (Overall)

"Large trunk or chest made of wood, lined with wood at the sides. Trunk is 21.5 inches high and 22.5 inches wide & 43 inches long. Hand made. The joints mitered, held by iron corner pieces, 3 at each corner. The top one fancies up a little. Large iron holds either side set into metal plate. Top is made of three shaped (by steam probably) pieces of wood to have a domed effect. Two steel bands hold top firm & one the lock which connects to large keyhole. There a hole in the top covered by home tanned piece of leather and hand tacked. There is an article in the Pope County Tribune March 6, 1958. This chest was brought from Norway in 1859 by Gregar Halvorson Stordahl. During the U.S. Dakota War in 1862 in Lake Johanna Township, Pope County, the family had to flee, leaving the chest. When the Indians came, they chopped a hole in it looking for something interesting."
2007 - There was an old newspaper "Decorah Posten" from October 13, 1891 folded, wrapped in plastic and tacked to the top of the trunk. It was removed and the trunk was wiped with a damp cloth. There is also a bit of brown paint on the bottom on one side from painting an old base.

Related People and Organizations
Halvorson, Gregar Stordahl
Fiskerbeck, Oscar
Halvorson, Savanaugh (Olsdatter Vastedt)

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