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Ski Tournament Program Glenwood 1949
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28 cm H x 21 cm W

This souvenir program of the 28th Annual Ski Tournament from 1949 was sponsored by the Glenwood Lions Club. This was also sanctioned by the National and Central U. S. Ski Association. This tournament was held on Sunday, February 13th, 1949 at what is now Barsness Park.

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Geographic Notes
Glenwood, Minnesota
Geographic Names
Barsness Park, Pope, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.64079,-95.38115] [id:5017227]
Glenwood, Pope, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.65,-95.36583] [id:5028088]
Barsness Park, Pope, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.64079,-95.38115] [id:5017227]
Glenwood, Pope, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.65,-95.36583] [id:5028088]

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