Ticket, Admission


  • Ticket, Admission
Ticket, Admission
Ticket, Admission
Ski Tournament Ticket, Glenwood, 1947
Creation Date


10 cm H x 6 cm W

Ski Tournament Ticket from March 2, 1947. It is a small cardboard tag to be attached to the user's coat by the attached cotton string.
It reads: "Glenwood Ski Tournament / Wear in sight / Est Price $.83 / Fed. Tax .17 / Total $1.00" 
A handwritten note on the back reads: "March 2, 1947"
The ski jumping tournament was held at the Glenwood Ski Jump in what is now known as Barsness Park. The Tournament was sponsored by the Glenwood Lions Club with the Glenwood Ski Club..

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Glenwood Ski Club
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Geographic Notes
Glenwood, Minnesota
Geographic Names
Glenwood, Pope, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.65024,-95.38976] [id:5028087]
Barsness Park, Pope, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.64079,-95.38115] [id:5017227]

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