Administrative Records


Administrative Records
Creation Date
1930 – 2002

9 Bankers Boxes

9 Boxes of Pope County Extension and 4-H Records

BOX 1 (AB038): County 4-H Scrapbooks 1970-1993
1994-2001 - Wide Awake Club
2000-2001-Wayside Club
1990s Lakeview Club

BOX 2 (AB039): County 4-H Scrapbooks 1994-2006 2010
Sharpshooters project book
Recipe books - Favorite Food Show recipe books 1987-2005
Share the fun programs: 1978-2013
Videos: Share the Fun 1989
Share the Fun 2000
Favorite Food Show 1996

BOX 3 (AB040): Extension records 
Military Release Records
1980-1989 Annual Reports & plan of work
Extension Committee

BOX 4 (AB041): 4-H Photo Albums:
1986-1999 Blue cover
1991-1995 Tan cover
1996-1997 Red cover
late 1980's-early 2000s Brown cover

BOX 5 (AB042): Extension records
Annual Reports and Plan of Work 1960-1979

BOX 6 (AB043): 4-H Records
4-H Council minutes 1930s-2000s
Song books
Auction and premium records from the 1980s-1990s

BOX 7 (AB044): 4-H Members Permanent Records
Girls 1930s-1980s
Boys and girls 1980s-1990s

BOX 8: 4-H Members Permanent Records
Boys 1930s-1980s

BOX 9 (AB045): 4-H Leader Permanent Records
Photos, slides and negatives

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