Savage Resident's Directory Guide, 1996-97
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6.350 cm. H x 12.700 cm. W Item (Overall)

6.350 cm. H x 12.700 cm. W x 5.25" H x 7" W

"A small birch bark, oval shaped basket with its own cover. The natural brown basket and cover are trimmed around the sides of each with fringes of porcupine quills in white. Three red roses and green leaves, made from porcupine quills, decorate the top of the cover, illustrating again the Chippewas use of birch bark, porcupine quills and floral designs. This basket is prized very highly because it was given to me by Carrie Alberta Lyford who was my co-worker in the Indian Service, and who wrote the book, The Crafts of the Ojibwa. Carrie has passed to her reward, but she will always be remembered as one of the most gracious women I ever knew." Indians of the Northeast Woodlands excelled in Porcupine Quillwork. Quillwork is perhaps the oldest form of Native American embroidery, and quill work on bark may be even older. The quills are gathered, dyed, soaked in water and flattened. The birch bark is punched with an awl along the edge of the desired design. The quills are then tucked into the holes and folded over much like a modern staple.
Photo of Kim Moy with Condoleezza Rice
Booklet titled "Savage Resident's Directory Guide/1996-97." The booklet has light blue paper covers printed in a darker blue, purple and black, white pages printed in four-color and a stapled spine. In addition to the title, the front cover shows an illustration of Dan Patch and a logo for the City of Savage. The booklet is 74 pages long and includes a table of contents, an index of advertisers and numerous business ads. It contains information about Savage schools, government, parks & recreation, public services, organizations and local businesses.

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Lyford, Carrie Alberta
Helbing, Cleora

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