Bowl, Chopping


Creation Date
1825 – 1900


66.040 cm. W x 17.780 cm. D x 104.140 cm. L Item (Overall)

Wooden butchering basin. "Slagte Fat" in Norwegian. It was made out of one large block of wood. Know have come out and the resulting holes have had metal pieces nailed over them. The vat has been weathered badly. Narrow strips of iron have been nailed across the ends to keep it from breaking apart. There are big cracks and worn holes. It came from the Belgum farm in Norway. According to the subject card, there is an inscription on the vat that indicates that it was used in butchering the heart, the brains and so on. "For Hjerte, Hjerne O.S.V." But I was not able to locate the inscription.

Related People and Organizations
Belgum, James

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